Social program

Accompanying persons are welcome to join the social programme. Both conference participants and accompanying persons register for the events through the online registration and payment system.

Tuesday evening, 1 July 2014

Welcome reception,  6:15 pm (18:15) at Hamar Town Hall

Wednesday evening, 2 July 2014

Boat trip on Lake Mjøsa

Departure from Hamar: 8 pm (20:00), estimated arrival time: 10 pm (22:00).

Skibladner old daysFor a unique experience on Lake Mjøsa you will be invited to a boat trip with “Skibladner”, the world’s oldest preserved paddle steamer in timetabled service. You will get a two-hour trip through cultivated landscape and unspoiled scenery onboard a vessel that has been sailing for 157 years.

Price: NOK 200,-

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Thursday evening, 3 July 2014

Conference dinner, 7:30 pm (19:30) at Hamarstua Restaurant, Domkirkeodden.

Hamardomen by nightAt Domkirkeodden, north of Hamar town center, lie the ruins of the old Hamar Cathedral, erected around 1150. There is a local museum with historical buildings, which also includes a large part of the area where the medieval town Hamar was located. In 1998 a protective glass structure was built to conserve the remains of the cathedral.

hamarstuaHamarstua is a restaurant situated on historical grounds inside the museum area. With idyllic surroundings and a friendly atmosphere it is the perfect place for a pleasant dining experience.

Price: NOK 660

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day trip to Gudbrandsdal Valley

Departure from Hamar: 11 am (11:00), estimated arrival time: 8 pm (20:00)

JotunheimenThe excursion will take you into Gudbrandsdalen, one of Norway’s large valleys, well-known for its traditional agricultural  districts and mountain areas. Gudbrandsdalen extends northwest of the town Lillehammer for some 200 kilometers up the valley of the river Lågen, between the Rondane and Dovrefjell mountain ranges to the east and the mountain region of Jotunheimen to the west.

Kulturstua RoWe will make a stop at Kulturstua i Ro, a local mountain farm where you can visit old log houses and steep fields, horses, chickens, a herbal garden and terraced flower beds. We will also enjoy some food at the farmhouse restaurant, which offers homemade meals seasoned with a history of food traditions.

Further along the trip you will see some of the most popular mountain areas in Norway. We will take the Peer Gynt Road which gives you great views of Jotunheimen (“The Home of the Giants”) and Rondane, the location of Norway’s oldest national park.

While enjoying marvellous surroundings with varied, wild and beautiful nature, you will also pass some historical sites, such as one Norway’s oldest “folk high schools”, Norway’s oldest mountain hotel and several old local churches.

 At the end of the trip we will enjoy a delicious meal at Glomstad Guest House, a farmhouse restaurant with traditional Norwegian food.Glomstad

Price: NOK 775

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