Language Awareness 2014: Achievements and Challenges, July 1-4 in Hamar, Norway

????????Welcome to the website of the 12th ALA conference organized by the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences at Hedmark University College.

The Association for Language Awareness (ALA) supports and promotes activities related to explicit knowledge about language, and conscious perception and sensitivity in language learning, language teaching and language use in professional settings. This conference will focus on the state of the art within relevant research areas and on challenges and future avenues of research.

The conference were held on Campus Hamar, a campus located in the town center of Hamar, one hour from Oslo Airport by train. The conference site provides easy access to the train station, hotels, restaurants and shops, and to recreational areas by Norway’s largest lake Mjøsa. During summer, the sun hardly sets at all, so the Norwegian nights are almost as bright as day.